At Hearth, we believe that the place we call home is vibrant and inventive and that there is inspiration and luxurious ingredients around every corner.

We believe in full plates, not fussy ones, and that produce should be sustainably sourced, farm-raised, and curated with thoughtful intention from the fields, vines, mountains, and seas surrounding us. 

We proudly share some of our honored purveyors with you and invite you to learn more about our partnerships that make up every plate and pour of your Pacific Northwest dining experience with us. 


Wine Partners

Home to their Board Track Racer, Lu & Oly, Megan Anne, Manu Propia, and Numbskull labels, Mark Ryan’s acres of vineyards are housed in Columbia Valley, Horse Heaven Hills, and Yakima Valley on the eastern side of the state. 

Regarded as the top Bordeaux producer in Washington State, DeLille Cellars is known for 30 fantastic years of wine-making and was one of the first wineries to put Washington wine on the map.

With every bottle made at their farmstead 4 miles from Walla Walla, Abeja is a small but mighty winery with meticulous viticultural practices, selective blending, and small-batch varietals. Every detail is perfected, proven by bold tasting notes and finessed aromatics that only make your drinking experience that much better.

A Washington-based legend, Long Shadows was created by acclaimed winemaker Allen Shoup after his 20-year career as winemaker of Chateau Ste. Michelle is now one of the most successful family-run wineries in the world. Favorites include Julia’s Dazzle Rosé, Cymbal Sauvignon Blanc, Poet’s Leap, and Riesling – all made in their state-of-the-art, cutting-edge methods and machinery in Eastern Washington.

One of the few sparkling wine labels in the Pacific Northwest, Tirridis is named after the three steps to produce effervescent wine naturally and is focused on sustainability not only in their own methods but in the Prosser community surrounding them.

Another bubbly bottler, Treveri Cellars used Old World Wine techniques with New World 100% varietals for deliciously crisp results. With an impressive 8-bottle collection, house favorites include their Blanc de Blancs and Celebration Cuvée.


Food Partners

The hero of your mornings at Hearth, Caffe Vita has been a Seattle staple since 1995, with various blends in addition to their famous Caffe Del Sol. 

Since 1906, EC Wilson has been providing premier cuts of meat and Seafood out of Lynnwood, Washington. They are known for their diligence, quality standards, and consistently providing the best of the best.

Family-owned since 1984, Olympic Mountain Ice Cream utilizes small-batch gelato crafting using only the freshest ingredients in their ice creams and sorbets, like herbs from their very own garden.

Preservation Meat Collective partners with heritage, heirloom, and sustainable growers to complement well-cared-for protein of the highest standard. They offer items such as wagyu, prized waterfowl, and their own line of curated seasonal exclusives.

Foraged & Found Edibles have made a name and impeccable reputation for themselves in the high-quality mushrooms, berries, greens, and teas to restaurants and leisure chefs alike. 

Puget Sound Food Co-op champions small and family-run farms and sponsors their distribution to some of the best restaurants, schools, and hospitals in the Pacific Northwest.